Thursday, October 29, 2009

representing at POWERSHIFT!

Yams! Let's all take a tubermoment to remember that behind all this awesome food party action we are group of young (or youngish) people dedicated to creating a campus-based alternative to aramark and chartwells and sodexho and ... you name it. It's one of many ways that all involved - eaters too - contribute to a simpler, more nutritious, more delicious, more self-empowering, more communal, more sustainable, less corporate and more awesome campus! Way to go!

This past weekend a huge group of mostly students from across Canada met in Ottawa to talk about stopping climbing change. The 4-day Powershift conference was organized by the Canadian Youth Climate coalition as a forum for youth activists to commune. We shared knowledge and techniques and frustrations with each other.

Hot Yam! was there too. I co-facilitate a workshop with Indra N. for about 20 people from across the country who wanted to talk about changes they want to see in food service on their campus. We talked about problems with corporate food services on our campuses and then answered a lot of questions about how the Yam works. We also learned about a few alternative food initiatives that already exist that I've never heard of.

Some of us Yammers have been talking about a gathering of Canadian campus-based foodies in the new year. So far this is who we know about. Let me know if anyone is missing!

Caffeinds (U of T)
People's Potato (Concordia)
Midnight Kitchen (McGill)
Happy Belly (McGill)
Tupperware Thursdays (Dalhousie)
Sprouts (UBC)
G-Spot (Carleton)
People's Republic of Delicious (U of O)

Love and revofoodtion
Kira Yam

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