Monday, January 26, 2009

Hold on to your yams!

Hello great big world!

Welcome to the first post of the first blog of the Hot Yam!

What is the Hot Yam! you might ask...
Who are the Hot Yam!? you also might ask...
And what are those crazy Yammers up to?

Well, wonder no more.

The Hot Yam! is an mostly student, all-volunteer run food collective based out of the University of Toronto. Since 2007, we have been serving affordable, delicious meals using mostly local and organic, vegan ingredients to lots of hungry folks. We cook all the food from scratch, and strive for healthy, wholesome, tasty results. We hope that by cooking good food collectively and making it available to the wider community, we are strengthening the local economy, supporting farmers and sustainable farming methods, and participating in the revival of local food culture and appreciation.

This semester, we are serving lunch every Wednesday from approximately 12-2 pm at the International Student Centre (33 St. George Street.) Full meals are $4. Come early or bring tupperware, and don't miss out.

We hope this blog will be a space to share and document meal reviews and recipes, volunteer stories and ideas, thoughts on food politics and adventures in community cooking, and anything else that comes to mind.

Hold on to your yams! And stay tuned....

P.S. If you want to get involved, email, and don't settle for less.