Friday, April 2, 2010

It was our last Yam! of the semester....

photos courtesy of Jono

...and our not-so-secret admirer sent us a song...

On the South Side of Campus by Judy Garlic
(sung to Somewhere over the Rainbow by Judy Garland)

On the south side of campus,
You can find
Volunteers in bandanas
And a place to unwind.

On the south side of campus
When you eat,
Walk or bike to St. George St.
And get yourself a treat.

Just join the line behind the sign
For food that's sent straight from Cloud Nine
To feed you.
Then take your tupperware or plate
From Giovanna, Jon, or Kate
Then bid them adieu.

On the south side of campus,
Green's no dream.
Local food from the market:
Baked, grilled, raw, stewed, or steamed.

With tasty options at the Yam,
The answer's simple:
Eat at the Hot Yam!

Don't cry! We'll be back again on May 13th!