Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Hot Yam! Lunch, Thursday, 12-2pm


The hot yam! is serving up our vegan, mostly local, mostly organic goodness this week at our regular Thursday 12-2pm time slot. 

Le menu:

- Grilled Vegetable Focaccia
- Spicy Carrot Soup
- Strawberries!

Plus a drink of some sort, and plenty of smiling faces.  I promise.

When: Thursday (tomorrow), July 16, 12-2pm
Where: The International Student Centre, 33 St. George St.
What: See above.  For $4 dollars.

Why: Because we believe UofT needs good, affordable and accessible food, 'course.
Who: You! (And your colleagues!)
How:  Well, you just show up and I'm quite sure you'll figure the rest out.

Le Yam.

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