Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot Yam! lunch, Thurs. July 30

What's for lunch?  A yam!

Mark your calendars -- this week's meal is on.  Join us for a delicious, vegan, mostly local and mostly organic meal organised, cooked, and served by our lovely volunteers

This week's meal is a bit different -- inspired by this week's meal lead, Jack, after his recent trip to Taiwan:

Here's le menu:
  • Stew of Taro (芋头) in its own juice
  • Lentil salad with coriander (香菜) and seasonal vegetables
  • Baked sweet potatoes (地瓜)
  • Peach crisp
We'll serve from 12-2pm, Thursday in the Baldwin Room, International Student Centre, 33. St. George St.


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  1. Could you please post the recipe for the delicious Lentil salad with coriander?