Thursday, September 9, 2010

First General Meeting of the Semester

We're having our first general meeting of the semester next Wednesday, September 15th at 6pm at Hart House. We'll be holding elections for the following positions for next year:

* Meal Coordinator
* Volunteer Coordinator
* Secretary
* Treasurer
* Hot Yam! University Liaison
* Kitchen Manager
* Food Orderer
* Inventory Guru
* Equipment Buyer
* Volunteer Outreach Coordinator
* Education Coordinator
* Legal/Policy Guru
* Publicity/Volunteer Recruiter
* Webmaster
* Social Media Guru
* Yam Zine Coordinator

We have 21 applicants for the above 16 positions.

When: Wed Sept 16, 6pm
Where: Hart House Music room (ask at the hub if you don't know where to go)

Hope to see you there! We really encourage everyone to come out. Even if you haven't volunteered yet, you're more than welcome!

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