Friday, August 13, 2010

Want to get more involved in Hot Yam!?

Hello fellow yammers,

Already starting to miss Hot Yam! due to our long hiatus? Well, here's your change to get some more Yam! in your life!

The academic year is quickly approaching and to make sure that Hot Yam! continues running smoothly, we need your help. There are several roles that Hot Yam! needs to function, and we are recruiting people to fill those roles. The most important roles that we have available are:

- The Volunteer Co-ordinator
- The Meal Lead Co-ordinator
- The Treasurer
- The Kitchen Manager
- The University Liaison
- The Secretary

Descriptions of these roles, along with all of the others that we have available can be found at

This is a great opportunity to get involved with Hot Yam! Whether you're a young yamling or an old salt of a yam, a great experience awaits you.

If you are interested, please fill out this form by Friday, August 27th:

Keep in mind that this is a serious commitment that begins at the beginning of the fall term, and will last throughout the fall and winter academic terms (from September 13th, 2010 to April 29th, 2011).

Whether you apply for position or not (but you should), send an email to to join the planning list (everyone welcome).

Hot Yam!

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