Thursday, April 2, 2009

Planning Meeting Minutes - Mar. 27th

Hey Yammers,

Last Friday, the Hot Yam! planning group met to discuss the future structure of the Yam. This is a totally open sub-group of the Hot Yam that consists of people interested in the day-to-day administrative running of the Yam. Click
here if you want to join this listserv!

Here's what we talked about:

1. Paid Jobs
  • one option is to use some of the levy money for paid positions
  • Suzie raised a concern that things might get messy and we'd need to be careful not to create a power structure
  • Michelle said that the cyclical nature of the yam should help prevent a power structure. She also brought up the idea of voting in representatives for jobs.
  • Kira suggested having an unpaid "board of directors" but a paid staff. She noted this could include work study positions.
  • Ben had a neat idea: he thought we could pay "ancillary" jobs like "Food Safety Officer" (or "Textiles Manager") rather than paying meal-coordinators. This too could help maintain the cooperative nature of the Yam.
2. Potential Positions

  • We also discussed potential positions
  • volunteer coordinator
  • outreach and advertising
  • ISC representative
  • inventory manager
  • textiles manager (washing stuff)
  • food health and safety officer
  • ISC house committee representative
  • treasurers
  • communications
  • volunteer recruiter
  • weekly email update sender
  • bulk product sourcer
  • recycling sorter
Any other ideas? Comment below or email us!

3. Types of structures

  • We created a google doc with questions to ask other groups
  • In this document, we listed all the groups we plan to get in contact with and assigned people to contact them.
4. ISC House Committee Meeting

Suzie and Meghan attended the ISC House committee meeting. We noted that because we use the ISC space, it's important to relate what we do to the concerns of international students. Dermot (ISC program coordinator) mentioned that he would love for the Yam! to be active when international students arrive in the summer. They have 3 BBQs for international students. We're going to approach him to see if we can do some catering. Also, Dermot told us the ISC is getting new furniture. Hooray!

5. Weekly Lunches
  • extend our hours 11:30 to 2:30
  • start cooking for at least 150 people
  • we considered giving free lunches to the ISC staff, but no resolution was made
  • need to make more copies of the volunteer sign up list
  • Kira's going to design us a poster with our email address on blog on it. We'll put this up at future lunches
  • lunch leaders are asked to bring an extra copy of the ingredients to keep at the service counter.
6. Blog
  • lunch leaders are reminded to post their recipes to the blog.
  • Please remember to cite your sources!
7. Misc.
  • Suzie and Meghan are going to set up a bank account for the Hot Yam. This is going to be very important if we are successful in getting the levy.
  • The Sustainability Fair catering is OFF.
  • If anyone wants access to the hottestyam email account, please email us! We're a coop and want the email to be accessible

That's all folks.

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